Sports Massage Therapists in Hanham

Our highly skilled massage therapists can provide a variety of massage services. Massage promotes and aids your body to repair and relax. Massage can be used to help with recovery from an injury, help to relax tense muscles as well as being used to relax the mind and body. No matter what your requirement is, we can help you with our experienced massage therapists.

Holistic Massage Therapist in Hanham

Jon Rees is our Holistic Massage Therapist. Jon is a passionate and dedicated Holistic Massage Therapist, working with you to individually tailor your session to sooth both the mind and body.  Jon hold a level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy.

Holistic massage isn’t a routine of pre-set strokes that leaves you feeling like your specific needs haven’t been met.

Holistic massage is a fully-customised treatment that serves the unique needs of your body and mind at the time of your treatment.

And it is your massage, so you’re in control.

  • You can tell me where to focus and which pressures suit you.
  • Holistic massage is responsive and can be adapted to suit your needs, even during the treatment.
  • I can linger on zones that need more attention.
  • I can apply deeper/less pressure.
  • Because it’s responsive you will always leave feeling like your needs have been met.
  • Leave with a total body and mind reset.
  • Leave feeling like you’ve spent two weeks on holiday/a beach.
  • Leave feeling relaxed, looked after and valued.

Our sports & holistic massage therapists

Stacy Palmer
Stacy PalmerSports Rehabilitation & Sports Massage
BSC Hons Sports Rehabilitation
Stacy studied sports rehabilitation at the university of the west of England, she’s has a longhistory of working in healthcare having spent 10 years working in the NHS with life limited children. Prior to joining Paul Tompkins physiotherapy Stacy has spent 3 seasons working as part of the medical team at bath rugby and has also worked with a team GB track cyclist, team GB skeleton and within community sports. providing pitch side cover and rehabilitation services. Stacy will be sharing her time working at Paul Tompkins Physiotherapy and Bristol Bears Rugby.
Jon Rees
Jon ReesHollistic Massage Therapist
Jon trained at the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB) where he developed a passion for the holistic approach. As a busy primary school teacher, Jon is no stranger to the physical and emotional stresses of modern life, and understands the importance of taking time out to relax and recuperate. He therefore wholly embraces the principles of holistic massage, working with clients to deliver individually-tailored sessions to soothe both the body and the mind. Jon enjoys keeping up to date with regular peer mentoring and ongoing professional development. He holds a Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage Therapy and is a member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI). He is fully insured, DBS checked and First Aid trained.